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Thomson Memorial Cemetery was established in 1854 when the Bethany Methodist Church moved from 1 mile north of Thomson and established the First United Methodist Church on Main Street. The land for the cemetery was deeded by James R. Wilson. The earliest marked grave is that of Mary Sutton, who died on June 5, 1855. In 1932 funds were raised to replace the wire fence with the iron one that presently surrounds the cemetery. As of 2008, there are 1102 graves, marked and unmarked, in the cemetery.

The Confederate (C.S.A.) Grave Marker was patterned after the design on the Southern Cross of Honor medals. The front of the markers are the dates 1861 and 1865, which represent the beginning and ending of the war between the states.  Also on the front you will read Deo Vindice which is latin For “God Is Our Vindicator” or “Vindicated By God”. On the back are the letters C.S.A. meaning the Confederate States Of America.

The Thomson Memorial Cemetery represents part of the 19th century “Rural Cemetery Movement” (1830) which advocated moving cemeteries away from church-yards into more park-like settings, often on a high rise or bluff - considered prettier and more healthful; cemeteries became sites of recreation, picnics and family outings. Lawn cemeteries or memorial gardens emerged in the 20th century to retain a park-like atmosphere.


Burial Listings

A more comprehensive booklet of Burial Listings can be purchased for $30 from the Thomson-McDuffie County CVB, McDuffie Museum, or Thomson McDuffie Library.


Self Guided Tour

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  1. Thomas Edward Watson
    Section 20


  2. Dr. James Spann Jones 
    Section 52


  3. Claude Nathaniel Bennett
    Section 37


  4. Colonel John Allen Wilkerson Section 163

  5. John Lewis King Holtzendorf Section 132

  6. Dr. George Thomas Neal
    Section 38


  7. David Fife Irving
    Section 49


  8. Charles E. Knox
    Section 58


  9. Elias Wilson (Shade) Hawes Section 84



212 Tom Watson Way, Thomson, GA 30824

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